Dear Daughter: Why I Stopped My Secret Beauty Ritual After 20 Years

All it took was a baby daughter to open my eyes to how ridiculous I was being.

  • Bleaching — just turned my substantial hairs white blonde which felt even more awkward because, hello, I’m Asian and don’t grow blonde hair naturally. Also, bleach on skin feels like burning.
  • Tweezing—which would take hours because, again, lots of hair. Also, flexibility and the ability to use a mirror to check out certain areas. In short, complicated.
  • Waxing — 1) painful 2) expensive considering my hair would grow back quickly and 3) what tween has time or money for something like this?



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Nami Matsuo

She/Her. INFJ. Japanese American Womxn. Mother. Daughter. Sister. Ally. Avid Complainer & Optimist.